Thursday, March 24, 2011


ammu: sometimes a question comes from my mind which ask me..WHO ARE YOU? ----- I could not find an answer

I say my address...but question repeats

I get plunged in to a situation I cant xplain

am not a believer of rituals and I dont like going to temple and so on... but am not an atheist


we are what we think we are..

ask a police.. they say that..

when kid ask one say father..

we have many roles and we are all that..

but we are not all that..

we are the essence of being all that..

we keep changing..

what is in us is not seen at times like the butter in curd is ..

we will have to exercise us to the greatest extend to find what we realy contain..

it is a good question.. and no answer..

finding out what we are and what for we are in this world is the biggest effort..

getting an answer is the realization.

hope will have this soon.. so that one will be in blissful..

we are like the river, with the name were we flow..

now who are u? u r a student..

when u get married, u will be the wife..

when u get child, u will be the mother..

so nice..

as the river.. keep making all that be in you so happy..

clean all of them..

get the warmth and give the coolness.

that is life..

and all will know you different and .. for me u r a wonderful student..

u r what u think u r..

start being positive on life and flow like a river..

enjoy every bit of life..

and u never get a chance to cover the time and space that u have crossed..

flow like a river and grow like a tree ……

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