Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BPO Job - LIFE frustration - Career Building !?

Hi Sir

My name is X-female and I am 23 yr old. I have 4 yrs of job experience. Worked as client services manager in an ad agency till last month and I had quit the job. Prior to that I worked in BPO's as Customer care executive, telesales rep, Team leader, Process trainer, HR Recruiter and business developer. I have worked for various departments.

My problem is with my studies and my job life.

I was born in 1988
I passed out my 10th, ssc in 2003 and secured 86%
I passed out my intermediate, bi.p.c in 2005 and secured 67%
I have appeared for EAMCET long term in 2006 and secured 3000 rank

due to financial problems I couldn't join BDS or MBBS in B-category. and my rank dint fetch me seat in A category.

I was forced to join Bsc Microbiology, genetics and chemistry.

Due to family problems and pressures, I was forced to take up job in BPO. I thought I can work in the nights and attend the college in the days, which was much difficult than what I have imagined. It so happened I was forced to discontinue my studies for many reasons, financial, moral, confidence, pressure. I continued with job.

after finishing 2yrs in job, i realized, i needed a degree and qualification to advance further in career. I joined BBA from ICFAI, but never happened I prepared or gave exams. I am so stressed up with job life and personal issues, that I never find time to study. I felt since I am in corporate world and i preferred management subjects which would help me in career. But my interest is in human anatomy, life sciences and psychology. I am even interested in creative work. I realized it very late. I was only taught to study to earn money and get good jobs. But I realized one needs to study according to their interests. Thats the reason why am not able to give BBA exams. I joined Diploma in business management from ISBM, but i never find time to sit with books and study. I even got enrolled for E-MBA. I need qualification to get good job, I job for money and money to pay off all the fees. I love to work with people with good IQ, wisdom, Practical nature, positiveness, leadership.. it is so happening am also working with people who are already frustrated with life and working to make money to run families. I dont want to be one among them.

If i have to join btech or any degree, do you suggest me to spend 3 - 4 more yrs studying... where I wil be 27yrs old with a bachelors degree

I feel lonely missing all the days i needed to spend having friends, but working and feeling all alone. I cant mingle with people of my age cause they are involved in studies and their goals and thoughts are different, I cant get along with elder people cause their responsibilities and aims are different.

Sir please advice me in my studies and career path, am so confused and feeling very low and down.

Thank you

Warm Regards