Monday, March 7, 2011

GLOBAL ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Hyderabad - 110305- Questions

Q, Why do people believe in God

DrTPS - They get happiness and feel some presence of energy that protect them.

Q. Why people are not feeling the social responsibility

DrTPS - It is not true. many people are into social responsibility. They are not guided properly and the result seen is less.

Q. Why the people are becoming selfish than being collective?

DrTPS - By birth all are good. The society, especially the selfish parents make their kids so and the chain follows. The upcoming youth are better and have better hope for tomorrow.

Q, How to act upon inspired of some one’s biography.

DrTPS – Take the theme, functional lessons and the courage, conviction, dignity that they had. Apply this lessons in our life. God bless you.

Q, How to develop Leadership Qualities?

DrTPS – Be selfish and love everyone around in the way that their happiness is your concern. You will soon be a leader. I am with you. I Loved this question. Let u be a leader for the world.

Q. Solution for restless mind?

DrTPS – better to be one with restless mind. That means u r thinking. It is good. Learn to direct / concentrate too.

Q. What is the need of this impractical education?

DrTPS – It is not the education is bad, not the subjects and the framework. They are good. Teachers are bad. And it is the chain reaction of the system.


Q. How to build confidence? How to overcome nervousness ?

DrTPS – Confidence comes from skill, environment, attitude. Best practice too can give confidence, that is included in skill.

Q. Never satisfied, why?

DrTPS – I suggest never to get satisfied. Desire is what make one progressive. BUT be always happy. Satisfaction is not good but shouldn’t lead to unhappiness.

Q. no practical experience, why govt cant do the changes?

DrTPS – Don’t expect govt to do anything. It is we who ahev to change the govt. I wish educated people get into the govt and change the system.

Q. Bio terrorism is a problem, what to do?

DrTPS – We need to strengthen the research in this area. Bioterrorism is not very active as the counter effect on the country is as dangerous and thus it is not a major threat.

Q. How to control heart (feelings) when one is effected by harmful disease?

DrTPS – How long we live is not important, but live like a fire, happy and spreading light to others than being sad, smoky and suffering. “Nimisham jwalitham sreyam, nathu dhoomayithum chiram”

Q. How to overcome laziness?

DrTPS – It is the greatest disease many have . Think of enjoying with activity, and make the life more active for learning, earning and fame. That gives a better long term happiness than short term happiness being lazy. Life is to LIVE. Live In Full Enjoyment. Being with smart / active people one cant be lazy. Environment matters.

Q. Electromagnetic waves will have effect on brain / memory? What are the other health problems ?

DrTPS – Electro Magentic waves do have UNDEFINED influence on health. It could be increasing memory to dampening it. Constant radiation is harmful. Though mild, like the Cell Phone can have great harmful effect to brain and other part of the body, where it is in constant long term contact.

Q. How to improve the communication skills.

DrTPS – Read, Learn, Improve information, Practice Communication. Be casual but serious and confident. Get formatted and skill in knowledge will support communication. Understand the difference between communication and conversation.

Q. How to improve concentration?

DrTPS – Interest is the key for concentration.

Q. How to improve memory?

DrTPS – all have best memory. Use it well.

Q. How spirituality helps education ?

DrTPS – better mind control, sharp intellect, good health and love for the society are the prime steps of spiritual. All will support education and creativity.

Q. How to decide the goal?

DrTPS – don’t decide the goal, early. Keep it flexible. May be as u grow, u will see the options. Go through the path that u may not get after a while. Options are to be decided by interest. Nothing wrong if the desire keep changing.

Q. How to maintain grip on subject ?

DrTPS – learn, discuss, teach and debate. Make notes and teaching / learning materials. Document it well.

Q. How to become a successful student ?

DrTPS – Ask as many questions as one can on the learning subject. Gain maximum knowledge. Learn to teach.

Q. How to make mind tension freee?

DrTPS – Tension is negative, non productive. Take stress, act fast and best. Get the situations and attitude for the success. Gain maximum skill. Never be in hurry and do it cool in advance. Practice as many times as required. Understand all can’t do everything. If you have interest never it is a tension activity. Enjoy .

Q. How to overcome stage fear ? mixing in a crowd?

DrTPS – Understand all are our relatives / friends. They have no extra credit, they are as good or bad as you. Chest and shoulder up. Keep yourself, think that u r 10 years higher than ur present age. Behave like a gentleman, and u will be that. Practice matter. Prepare well. God bless you

Q, how to get interest over the studies ? do well in exams?

DrTPS – must understand the use and application of what we learn. Also have the future plan and decide that u r learning to gain knowledge. Interest is th key to concentrate and learn better. Decide that what you learn will be shared to some others, you will leanr better. Learned and practiced well for writing can perform well in exams.

Q. How to overcome outside problems and show interest in studies.

DrTPS – have a nice group to learn and discuss together, all are influenced by the peer group. Try to change the members in your company to become good or Change the group. See

Q. Tell us about relation between god and human being.

DrTPS – God is a concept (sankalpam) that human made to show the supreme power that human hold. That energy that pervades everywhere and that is not controlled by self. A nature of energy in and out. Once we get it in “hrudaya guhara madhye kevalam brahma matthram” . Inside the heart, only brahma the energy God exist.

Q. How to get to practical applications on the topic of learning? What field will give success for me, how to know this? How to compete with growing technology?

DrTPS – Learning must be a passion, and ponder too deep, discuss to understand all the aspects of it. Nothing in professional learning is without application. Understand it well. Job / Career / Life and success are to be decided by many factors. What is success for one need not be for other, scale and parameters changes. ENJOY life, that matters . Not an Enjoyment that makes us to be sad on that later in life. Learning new technology and field is nto competing, it is a passion like that a mount climber has and then it becomes thrilling and interesting. Take learning with spirit.

Q, Difference between manas and buddhi ?

DrTPS – Manas is having desire / need / want / feelings etc.. BUDDHI is practical .. logical etc..


Q, Is our age is correct for love ?

DrTPS – Any age is good for love and correct. BUT love is a disease. That kills other interest at times. That is dangerous. It shouldn’t be a war, not a job, only it must happen and for happiness at times of enjoyment, to share, care and enjoy each other. BUT many a times that is a burden, a bondage. Take care !!

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    1. Can we make our society corruption free?
    2.what is your opinion on todays education system?
    3.why our country is still in the developing stage?do you feel any thing wrong with students?
    4.vedas r our property. but we dont have any knowledge about it? what is your comment on this ?
    5.why people showing much intrest to go to abrod?cant we provide jobs here?what should be our contribution?

  2. 1. Corruption is due to competition, uncontrolled desire.. next generation it will be less, as todays youth are balanced
    2. Not bad, but teachers are bad. We need good teachers.
    3. Developing as our scale and desire is increasing. It will be always developing. Hope we never get developed. Hope keep us to grow further.
    4. there are many who knows this traditional knowledge. Plenty of them in many ashrams and place of veda learning, mats..
    5. only a small percentage is going abroad. Our strength is Human Resource, nothing wrong in going abroad. Loka Samastha Sugino Bhavanthu.

  3. sir,i was at your class today..durga school.. and i noticed that you just hated anna hazare..i was really confused..i really would like to know why you are against him?