Friday, June 19, 2009

How to maintain - Relation / Friendship - PROBLEM ?/

this is jayasree completed my btech first year,
i think i cant maintain good relations with friends and relatives.
how to make friends and maintain good relation ..

Dear Jayasree:
Hope you have the reference from one of my classes at VIHE/mat at hyderabad?

U guess, u have problem, then u have.
First remove that feeling.
U r a good girl, good frined, good relative.
As human being, we are social and human by nature.
That is why this feeling and question too..
U want to be social and human.
U can. When u make others happy, alll around u must feel happy in
being with you.
accept people as they are.
no comments and complaints.
accept them and keep them at the place they deserve to be.
too much close can end up in bad relations later.
be with them when they need you, with out hurting you..
u can.
this question is the start for the change.
i am glad and happy to see these questions.
Many do have these problems, but they dont come out.
I am sure this email will make a change in you think different.

You need to find common interest and people of similar frequencey to
maintain relation.
It all depends on your interest too..
u first must enjoy yourself and be happy inside to serve happiness.

you can be active and part of the activity
see my other blogs too ffrom the link below.

Best wishes and paryers.


Hello Sir,

First of all let me pray God to give u long life and strength to continue your indispensable contribution to our motherland.
Your way of enlightening the youth and ideas towards spiritual thoughts is exceptional.

I came to know about you through orkut and just admired your career path that is achieved in young age.

I am Baskar from Tamil Nadu. I needed some peculiar career oriented advice. I hope you could mentor me well and guide through.
I have completed my mechanical engineering and now working for an American MNC in India.
Although i have scored good marks in 10th and 12th, my under graduation went in the other way. I lost interest when i joined college in studies for no reason, although its a good engg college.
I had arrears in first year, and the second year was even worse. I was detained due to lack of attendance and has to take a one year break.
All this happened before i could realize that i m moving in wrong path. But when i joined again after one year the scenario was different. I acquired interest in subjects and started to learn new things.
Not only i passed my arrears, also scored good marks. During my final year i was without arrears and acquired good knowledge in subject. My performance was high that i could almost topped the class
in some subjects. I also got good exposure to practical knowledge as my final year project was awarded one of the best project.
And when i was in end of my college i could stay on top with other class mates. I was also placed in good company.

Now my question is how will the people see that one year break? Is it a black mark? I am planning to give ISRO, DRDO and other competitive exams now, as i love working for India.
Will that backlog affect my carrier? How to get rid of it? A mistake is a mistake but how to turn it in a positive way? How should i explain that to the interview person?

Can i do a PG in engg and will that backlog fade away after my PG degree.? How do u approach my case if u r a recruiter.?

I would be really grateful if u could clarify my doubts and give some advice.
Please consider this as my personal mail.



Dear Bhaskar:

Glad and nice to see your email and comments.

I guess u r in chennai?

back-ground performance do matter.
But the isro/drdo screening is generally based on the final marks.
It all depends on the selection committee at the time of interview.
Your performance can compensate all that.
Best wishes.

You can may be serve the nation better, being out.
I am glad to see the project / and the continyued interest you have.

I have some activity in plan for the engineering college students.
Just in plan / start stage.
And do god get me good contacts at right time.
I guess, u r one who has been posted by such activity of unknown to me.

Please see the SHIKSHA at

We could plan such activity and make a reserch centre and self-help
groups with large projects for the nation.

I am sure with people like you, it can be a great success.

You will see many from Kurukshethra to kerala active and having lot of
ideas, playing role in this.

see the blog, comment, guide, be part of this move,
tamil nadu have great scope..
and i wish to be more active in south.

With prayers