Saturday, August 14, 2010

DOCTOR asks ....

hi sir,
i am phani kumar.student of ramakrishna math.i need a help from you sir.
i completed my mbbs 3 years ago sir.i am in my way to give exams for my MD .i want to d that in usa.
i am preparing for the exam from 3 yrs but till now i am unable to give my exam..i am very much worried, tensed,anxious
about the exam.lots of obssesive thoughts keep on drilling my mind every minute..material to be read in a day i am taking it 4 days to study. thing is only one attempt is there for the exam no 2nd i am struggling to give that exam ..
my confidence is decreasing day by day.while studying i am unable to concentrate on the subject sir.lots of negative thoughts n worries
while i study.i am talking to myself all the time like a mad man..all my colleages have given the exam n got in to their MD..but i left like this.all my family members are also worring seeing me like this.
please kindly guide me sir in reaching my goal.
thanking you sir
phani kumar.

my dear phani:

no one can climb the mountain without many steps..
it is important to see the steps ahead, also to see the way behind to gain confidence. take stock of how much is studied and decide from now, i will march ahead.
i am sure u r brighter enough, and can do wonders.
make it. keep saying all around that u r doing well and will make it. get a good friend who is also writing the same exam and have some creative time to discuss.

never think that there is only one door to success in this world, have many around.
one door is closed other will always be open.

there is nothing ultimate that decides life, and success.
it is the attitude of the manas that determines the happiness in us, not the other achievements.

be happy.
the society, world around u needs you.
never forget what u have and what u are gifted with.

u could call / email me at any time.


Monday, August 2, 2010

100801.hyd.wevin. QUESTIONS by BTech Students

HOW TO CONTROL ANXIETY ? – If anxiety / stress is productive, it is good and can make positive actions. For any serious matter, preparation is a must and that is seen as anxiety / stress. Tension is highly negative and non-productive, that need to be resolved through counseling

WHEN WILL BE THE ANOTHER CLASS? – I do not schedule my classes, mostly it is on invitation from someone.

WHO IS YOUR INSPIRATION? – I have many from Gandhiji, Vivekananda, and many more around me who are not famous. I have taken lot of lessons from many in life.

HOW WE CAN CHANGE THE BAD MIND OF OTHERS? – only when one has to decide himself to change, it is possible to change. A good sathsang (company) can change the people.

AS I CAME TO KNOW LEARNING IS FROM COLLECTION AND SET IT IN THE RIGHT PATH, HOW TO KEEP IT IN THE RIGHT WAY? – must have a clear vision, and idea about the target. That will determine the path. Good skill, attitude and also the opportunity will make the things clear.

HOW TO FORGET THE DREAMS ? – not all the dreams are remembered, only one that is seen just before the break of sleep is remembered. A deep sleep will avoid dreams.

HOW TO BECOME A VEGITARIAN? – decide to be vegetarian. Think of the animal at the time of it being killed. And the blood that oozes out.


HOW CAN WE TAKE THE DECISION AT RITGHT TIME? – presence of mind, is one important quality of one. Being smart. That need special mind. Slight improvement is possible with little training and also being with people who are smart.

HOW CAN WE BUILD SET- CONFIDENCE ? – confidence comes with skill, opportunity and attitude. One who has good attitude will search opportunity and will exercise / practice ti improve skill. Repeated practice without failure will improve confidence.

HOW TO REDUCE THE CONFUSION IN MAKING DECISION? – involving in critical situations, being creative, skillfull, high presence of mind will reduce the confusion.

HOW WE GET OUT OF LAZINESS? – HOW WE AVOID SLEEPING IN UNNECESSARY TIME? - decide to be active. Every moment being active is living. Being lazy is as good dead. No point in living an inactive life. Our presence need to be shown with activity.

HOW TO SET MY MIND SIR, SO THAT I CAN DO WHATEVER I THINK AS I HAD A GOOD EMBITION FOR WHICH I HAD PREPARED TIME TABLE, BUT I CAN’T FOLLOW MY TIME TABLE. - remember every moment in life can be a good investment for a brighter day ahead. Also need to enjoy the present. Creative, blissfull, fulfillment in action, that will lead one to highest levels. Action is more important than plans.

HOW DO WE SELCT THE RIGHT THING? - HOW TO MAKE MY AMBITIONS MORE STONGER WITHOUT ANY FLUCTUATIONS OR ANY DOUBT ON IT? – decide to do. Jump into actions. Right and wrong is relative, where, when, who, to whom, when etc. does matters. One could do things that are enjoyable and makes happy, but that will never make one feel that what was done was wrong and shouldn’t have done.

AT ANY TIME YOU HAVE ANY THINGS TO DO WHICH YOU LOVE TO DO, BUT NOT ABLE TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO THE FIRST ? – any plan is useless. Action is important. Action also can be parallel. Priority and need of the hour is important. Be creative and smart in actions.

I CAME FROM TELUGU MEDIUM, HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION ? – read English daily. Comprehend, talk to people in English. Decide to learn and start from now. It is easy to learn language.

I CAN SPEAK VERY CLOSE TO MY FRIENDS, BUT WHY CAN’T I GIVE A SEMINAR THOUGH I HAVE A GREAT DESIRE? – while speaking to your friend, you speak from heart. Learning is not in heart. Keep high interest and passion in learning and be cool as if you are. Practice well, you will be able to make presentation as simple, smart, cool and perfect as you are interacting with friends.

I ALWAYS BE IN THE WAY YOU SAID, BUT WHEN I SEE PEOPLE WHO BEHAVE IN THE OPPOSITE WAY, I FEEL THEY ARE LEADING BETTER LIFE THAN ME. IN OTHER WARDS, I AM NOT ABLE TO ENJOY MY SUCCESS. – small failures and success of others shouldn’t be the parameter of our actions. Decide what is that gives us happiness. That must be the fulfillment / satisfaction that we derive in our life. It is important to be self-satisfied and accomplished. Be within to be happy, than feeling happy, and showing happy.


NOT Correct -- BRAIN says

NOT correct is what brain (buddhi) says.

The heart, feelings, the desire is from the manas.

manas acts fast

buddhi sligtly later

as the action is taken and buddhi says not correct


the buddhi says dont or diferent and the action is not done

then the manas will get upset

when manas and buddhi says same thing

the action is best

and we become happy.

BG says



athmaivahyathmano bandhu



"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

-- Mother Teresa .

being 100% nonjudgemental is not possible but we all can try atlaest to the optimum level... this can solve ost batels in world.



Love is the art of heart.

Judgement is the business of Head

It is difficult to be in art and business.

Good head and good heart will not be with one.

---------- ----

Both are Leaders

manas and bhuddhi.

That is the answer.

Both are leaders..

at times ..

head leads and at times manas.

some time they comment on the other too.

that is what makes people unhappy.

both are right and both are wrong.

head is emotionaly wrong

manas is intellectually wrong.


U feel LOST.....

Animals dont think of others / past / future

when they have to deal with a situation

Thus they are happy and sad

in core

to the heart

Human is a

social being

So become


thinks on past/future/around

and reacts.

theya er not reactions

they are manupulated responses.

they are not from heart

THUS allmost all reactions

are agains the SELF

makes them



Feels Unhappy

totally LOST at times

What to DO

React as we could,

dont reserve

Come what may come.


If we listen only to the manas, we will enjoy...

If we listen only to the buddhi, we will be more sad....

Dharmic is living without hurting others, Dharma is the business of buddhi

LET the manas be the KYTE with the Buddhi as the THREAD to control...

leave the manas as far as possible, but hold with buddhi at times to have the safe fly....


Mind is not Brain

Mind is software

Brain is hardware

Mind is a flow of thoughts.. The thoughts get filled...

that may happen through Brain..

Feeligs are part of Mind

Then Mind means Heart.

Not the Heart that pumps blood.

That heart that u can share and give to some one too...

That heart that pains at times when some one is away from u

that gets and we dont say the mind is in pain

we say the heart is in pain

Using english words confuses more

that is why i used

buddhi and manas.

think with ur mind / buddhi

love with ur heart. / manas


Mind is software

Brain is hardware

Mind is a flow of thoughts.. The thoughts get filled...

that may happen through Brain..

Feeligs are part of Mind

Then Mind means Heart.

Not the Heart that pumps blood.

That heart that u can share and give to some one too...

That heart that pains at times when some one is away from u

that gets and we dont say the mind is in pain

we say the heart is in pain

Using english words confuses more

that is why i used

buddhi and manas.

think with ur mind / buddhi

love with ur heart. / manas


Who talks to u Maximum..

We talks to us maximum

If our SELF - Communication is good.

It means we have good communication skill

The creative self-talk

BUT many times the self talk is waste..

People are thus not creative..

95 % of the thought process of a given day is what we think / though yesterday..

Increase fresh / good / new thought process.

That is talking to self.. more and more creative..

Thus we ourself become the friend and enemy to US

Change ur enemy to friend and friend to enemy

all by the self talk.

Get into a clear mind..

The Sapthasuddhi.

Clean the indriya.

clean the thinking

Thus clean the MANAS.

Through a clean slef-talk


The heart that fails .. and life is off.

what we don't have is themanas...

the daya..

the karunyam..

the sympathy..

The heart surgeon ...

he does the open heart !!!

may be i am scared..

my old secrets will be open for him..

to see, read, ...

Oh!! those secrets...

no that is not wise..

No open heart surgery ...

or get it from other doctor.

who don't have my mother tongue..

let him not see my feelings too

or else, does the feelings have language??

the humanity in human..

we are human being,,

but are not

being human..


Who am I????

I am


the chith









life force energy



not the one we see

the conciousness in the cell

and not the cell


how to begain dhyana

enjoy being natural

get skill in what u do.


one easy method for general public is by bhajan

that in the good group will make people to forget all.

then get into the nidra, savasana.

enjoy being in that stage.

one another method is


and enjoy the breathing

concentrate on the breathing only

what is liked by one

do it in the cool, calm mode


Yes, when COOL, this works

When one is upset.

this japa, counting,

concentration ???

all will not work.

even when one is with god, when upset ...

will not take u to god.

indriya nigraha...

only when one gets to vairagya...

not very easy..

may be the LKG class is these techniques..


A racing mind that reacts sensitively to little things indicates thinking that has lost its spiritual strength. Meditation restores that power.

But to reach at this level.....



sareera manaso yoga


aadhaara aadheya bhavena

thapthajya khadayoriva

What is to be fit first, manas or sareera.

They need to get into the level of that of GOD..

That joining to GOD is YOGA.


yes dhyana ...

For some one driving is dhyana

for some one maidhunam is dhyana

it all depends

all the best