Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life Direction ? where to Go? from an MNC !

Respected sir,
Iam Deepak Lal ,B.E student studying in Vinayaka Missions Engineering College Salem.I would like to do MBA in construction management,can you help me to figure out whether it is an apt choice for me or should i choose M.E.Could you please help me to find out the colleges which are having MBA in construction management in India as well as in abroad.

Glad to see your interest.

If u decide not to opt for MTech, this is the best option.

Including Pune NICMAR; there are many who offer this MBA.

You can find many options on NET.

Good luck.


I was browsing through the internet and stumbled upon your event in Hyderabad at 20th March.
Through that I found your blog and came to know more about the shiksha foundation. I must applaud some of the ideas that I found on your site like the concept of one month workshops where people find what they want to do. Too many problems in the world exist because people have no idea what they want to do with their time, what are they passionate about, what moves them and how to go about pursuing those passions. Your talks seemed interesting.

Ask: Could you give me some actual pointers, people to meet, spiritual organizations etc that will help in understanding more about myself.

Brief About me:
I am well educated and fairly well settled into my job as a software engineer in a MNC at Hyderabad. However, looking to explore what I want from life. I am particularly interested in the field of education as it holds the potential of a lot of impact on the world. I am 26 years old and a bachelor.




Glad on your email.

I had undergone the same feelings when i was at your age, by then was married and started family life.

Had freedom to move on many directions as I was in government and life flow was reasonably good for me.

If we know what we want, we can be on that.

To know what is that we are looking for, we need to ponder, search, taste, experience different situations, toil, walk, travel, be in different group, what not?

Learn anything and everything around, this struggle will end and slowly and steadily will end in the spiritual pointer, as you said.

By then you will be the pointer yourself.

It is not the aim, it is the travel.

I am with you dear, love to see you some time soon.

Will be glad on the participation of you and a nice group of your flops..

Your question is a good input for me to think.

See this point is addressed for 20th session..

FREEDOM is more important to be Creative.

God bless you to be in blissful.



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