Thursday, December 16, 2010

P may be better from now.. My prayers for him too..

Thank you for your time and evaluation of P. He seems to exhibit a good confidence in your approach. To start with he was not eager to come and meet you. But after the meeting he thinks it was good that he came to see you. He seems to have relieved meetings he da lot.
The earlier meetings of P with Dr L and Dr. S was a sort of meetings he do not want to repeat. How ever P said on the way back that he would be happy to meet you rather than seeing the formers.
He seems a lot relived and that is the good part of this visit and thanks for the guidance.
I got the the timings of Ps' as recorded by his grand father, if it is of any academic interest to you. The scanned copy of his writings is attached.
Time is recorded as 8:15 PM on 9th Jan 1987 but Nal is recorded as Karthika. Scanned copy of his original record is attached.