Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what to do? LIFE ?



In LIFE all have the feelings and the attractions.

Situation / Environment / Social / Cultural Background / Position / Status etc. are the controlling factor.

No single answer to any of the problems that you asked.

Expected way none will behave to the other all the time.

May be the expectation is based on the previous experience and that is the mistake that one does !!

No forced relationships exists other than the biological / social / geographical etc..

and people want to get rid of this with the selected new relationships.

The contradiction is due to the indecissiveness in self.

This is true with not just love / life / marriage -

Professionally / selecting the career etc too..

Be with what you are..

and get rooted to your background also.


Life is to enjoy.

anything troubling .. avoid it. Ignore it..

Enjoying ? - then go ahead.. BUT make sure that IT WILL NEVER make you feel bad later in LIFE.




respected sir...

good morning.sir i have one doubt please clarify that thinking as i m u r daughter.

sir if anybody done mistake ...which is related to heart and life of a person then,how should one react to that particular situation?moreover what is best method for him/her giving punishment or forgiving?

if giving punishment is your answer then heart will feel bad...
if other is your answer then in mind so many questions are raising .......

so finally what i m asking is how to coordinate the mind n heart in giving solutions to social related issues particularly related to life,marriage and caste issues.......

sir i don't know i m correct or not for asking this question you but questions are in my mind no one giving correct answer which gives satisfaction to my hear so i am asking you sir......

hope i m getting reply to my mail with satisfied answer which is useful to give justice to necessary persons.

thanking you sir,
yours obediently,