Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ANURADHA (- makes me to) WRITE

Dear Sasi Kaka,

Well I had a wonder ful time learning yesterday and came to know things that need to be changed
from my end.

Also, I had made a mistake in telling the birth timings. So, the correct birth timing is 10:10 PM, DOB :15-05-1984, Place :Madurai

Kaka, I felt like putting this query to you via email rather than posting it in the blog.

Q: If a person keeps on committing the same mistake repeatedly, does it indicate that the person enjoys
doing it or has not yet realized that a mistake is being committed?
Is there a proper way to make such people realize that they follow a wrong path which in the entire process is affecting the mental peace
of near and dear ones? At-least do such people feel guilty enough of their mistakes?

Hopefully , I shall get a reply to the query that I have asked. I have several other queries which I shall be placing it up in the blogs and hope to receive
some great responses to them.

Take care



I am glad on your reaction, I reflect.
I am with you as long as you need me as your Kakka.

As I said -
in the horoscope the time change may change the date of action and we have already seen that change as one year..
I shall retake the horoscope  and email you the chart, and any prediction-modification.

It is not realizing mistake, it is agreeing and correcting that is difficult.
Best ways are to ignore them and don't remind the mistakes.
natural ways is to divert attention.
They do feel most of the time guilty, but ego will never permit to admit.
Surrendering is a trouble to many.
They may be wiser but may find difficult at times to agree mistakes and will try to cover up. 
Though inner mind agrees to agree, they may not.
The guilty feeling is on this and react very bad at times.

Best method is NOT to discuss on the mistakes / ignore them.
Makes to forget .

At times the issue may be some other unknown self mistakes / dislike of some person around / habit etc ..
that irritates the person..
FOR SUCH people, some other company / people around will be enjoyable.
Relationships could be a burden / Job may be unacceptable / etc..

You need to unlearn some of the interrogation habits so that you will be at peace. 
Create your own space and be within.  You will start loving you more.