Friday, November 12, 2010

a few more questions - november 2010

why life is unpredictable? it would have been better if we know what is next day in life?

life need to be thrilling.. unpredictable ..

then only the desire can be kept alive and thrilling..



No use, Have less value.. Have less life.

understood when one gets into the fact that many TVs and 24 hours programs..


Freedome of change

Can have the freedom. But how others response to the change is more important.


Does 'no satisfaction' lead to greed?

'No satisfaction' is to keep the desire live.

Greed is desire without control.

Keep limit for desire, based on the merit, opportunity and skill.


Permanent happiness?

Being spiritual, enlightened is the path of being happy.

Keep traveling on this path.

Abetrations at times could create unhappiness. Try to keep this shorter and move to brighter way ahead.



Activity vs. work

What is state of mind when desire is endless

Skill, opportunity and motivation- which is more important?

Happiness vs. satisfaction

Women have more responsibility as they carry home too to office.

Enjoy lecture – brain will not work ?

Balance role, goal and values

How to be sure of the goal? How do we know that it is the right choice?

Getting disturbed fast, transfer to others too.

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