Saturday, August 14, 2010

DOCTOR asks ....

hi sir,
i am phani kumar.student of ramakrishna math.i need a help from you sir.
i completed my mbbs 3 years ago sir.i am in my way to give exams for my MD .i want to d that in usa.
i am preparing for the exam from 3 yrs but till now i am unable to give my exam..i am very much worried, tensed,anxious
about the exam.lots of obssesive thoughts keep on drilling my mind every minute..material to be read in a day i am taking it 4 days to study. thing is only one attempt is there for the exam no 2nd i am struggling to give that exam ..
my confidence is decreasing day by day.while studying i am unable to concentrate on the subject sir.lots of negative thoughts n worries
while i study.i am talking to myself all the time like a mad man..all my colleages have given the exam n got in to their MD..but i left like this.all my family members are also worring seeing me like this.
please kindly guide me sir in reaching my goal.
thanking you sir
phani kumar.

my dear phani:

no one can climb the mountain without many steps..
it is important to see the steps ahead, also to see the way behind to gain confidence. take stock of how much is studied and decide from now, i will march ahead.
i am sure u r brighter enough, and can do wonders.
make it. keep saying all around that u r doing well and will make it. get a good friend who is also writing the same exam and have some creative time to discuss.

never think that there is only one door to success in this world, have many around.
one door is closed other will always be open.

there is nothing ultimate that decides life, and success.
it is the attitude of the manas that determines the happiness in us, not the other achievements.

be happy.
the society, world around u needs you.
never forget what u have and what u are gifted with.

u could call / email me at any time.


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