Monday, June 7, 2010

student from US suffocating !!

Hello Sir,

I attended the seminar taken up by you in Ramakrishna Matt , Hyderabad.
Currently, i am pursuing my master's in Electrical from .... college, US. I very well remember you addressing the crowd that if we think we have learnt something from your seminar, you expect us to contact you not that very night but after an year.

I have a problem that i have a lack of focus in whatever job i perform, though i manage to get a 4.0 GPA here, i somehow feel i lack something in my life, and i am not really satisfied with what i am.i cant go out with friends, cant enjoy the life the way others do, i feel i dont deserve all this, and i strongly feel if i enjoy today tomorrow morning something very bad will happen.Its suffocating, it really is...please suggest me something.

Thanking you,

yours sincerely,
your student

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