Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Friend : I have 0 concentration
and my mind is wavering wandeing

DrTPS: this is natural and common to all the people of high creativity and who takes up lot of parallel activity and they are not of keen interest but does this for some basic/periferal requirements ...
u need to search and find that is realy interesting you and do it for some time in a day, and be happy in doing the rest of activity with that energy.

Friend : for 7.8 years???

DrTPS: yes..
be throughout life, this could be the case..
for some people.

Friend : can you reverse it for me, some technique
DrTPS: dear..
find that u realy love..
love to do.
be with some one u realy love ..

Friend : writinh
what else

DrTPS: when u dont get happiness in work, family, people around..
this is what happens..
u must learn to live in happiness.
enjoy the company of people around u, as now u have no
identify the job that gives u enjoyment.
never try to find the negatives / not possible / bad part of the activity / life around/
try to see the best part of all that is around u.
the work
the people
he nature
when ur thoughts are negative, u get frustrated..
it is not that things are bad around, they are unacceptable to you..
thus u become unfit.
things will still move..
see what u can do.
tead of saying what others shouldnt have done / doing.
need a different perspective in
u can
in a few days.

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