Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cast ?

cast - important ?
hi sir .....how r u ...i just want to ask about cast feelings.....are they right .do every one need to stick to their castes.....why is this differentiation though all say they preach same ...

They preach same,
the ways are different in terms of the rituals.

more than cast, it is the cultural feeling one should have.
the way of life is the culture.
earlier cast used to be the definition for the culture.
i guess, these dasy it is not, and
hence, one need not worry on the cast.
some of the social / cultural / ritual still are based on the cast.
at times the sast do matter in case of the social gettogether, mostly at thwe time of marriage, death etc.
the answer to your question is yes and no.
i could light examples of these many
what had created issues later in life
many they are smooth.
it all depends on the mind (manas) to accomodate eachother.
all rituals / festive / are for togetherness.

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